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The EU as a Global Actor


RaumIhnestr.22 G Hörsaal

Do 16:00-18:00



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The undergraduate course “EU as a Global Actor” offers students a comprehensive exploration of
the European Union's foreign policy, role and strategies in the global arena. Through a blend of
historical and theoretical analysis, contemporary case studies and policy assessments, students
will delve into the complex dynamics that shape the EU's external action. The course covers key
themes such as functioning of the EU’s foreign policy decision-making bodies and representation
abroad, EU diplomacy and trade negotiations, security cooperation, transatlantic relations and
relations with the EU’s neighborhood and EU candidate states, equipping students with a
nuanced understanding of how the EU navigates its interactions with other international actors.
By critically examining the challenges and opportunities faced by the EU on the global stage, students will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of multilateral diplomacy and the evolving
nature of Europe's position in the world. At the end, the course will conclude with a hands-on
simulation of negotiations among EU member states in a Foreign Affairs Council meeting, allowing
students to apply their knowledge and skills in a realistic crisis scenario. Through interactive
discussions, topical readings and the immersive model of the EU’s foreign affairs decision-making
body, students will gain a deeper grasp of EU’s role as a global actor and its implications for the
broader geopolitical landscape.