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International Conference "Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence






„Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence”

11-14 November 2013


within the framework of the DAAD funded program

“Challenges and Transformations in the Wake of the Arab Spring”


The conference on “Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence”, 12-13 November 2013 in Tunis was milestone of the project. It was geared towards bringing together academics of different career levels and with different institutional background, who share an interest in the analysis of the current situation of the Arab World. Hosted by the Tunisian project partner Prof. M. Kerrou, it provided all participants with a multitude of opportunities to engage in thorough academic research and intellectual debate. More than 40 participants from the Arab World and Germany discussed the spectres of the ongoing transformation in the region and beyond. The conference proceedings were published after a peer-review process and extensive editing and are accessible online and in print thus contributing to the visibility of all researchers involved. Not the least, the book can feed back into teaching well after the project is finished. It can be accessed at: (http://www.polsoz.fuberlin.de/polwiss/forschung/international/vorderer-orient/publikation/WP_serie/index.html

The papers presented at the conference discussed (1) social and cultural transformations. One of the main questions addressed in the conference was the effect of the popular uprisings on these fundamental relationships between the individual, society, and the body politic. Contributors are lka Eickhof, Nadia von Maltzahn, Ali Raouf and Laura Gibbon. Economic transformations (2) were debated with respect to growing frustration with the state of local and national economies in countries of the Arab World and the changing political landscape in the some of these countries since 2011. In the volume, Heba Talla Atef Sayed Emam, Nooh Alshayb and Raed Khasawneh, Eibadalla Mahjoub Eibadalla, Radwa Samy and Abo Shady contributed papers. (3) Under the title of “political and institutional transformations” participants discussed political and institutional transformations from above and from below and focused on the domestic, regional and international dimensions of change. In this section, Florian Kohstall, Aliaa Wagdy, Heba Amr Hussein, Amal Hamada, Ahmed Abd Rabou, Benedikt Grossmann, Shaimaa Magued and Regine Schwab shared their insights.

Here you find the conference program (pdf).