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Prof. Abdel Hakim Khalid al-Husban

Prof. Dr. Abdel Hakim Husban is Professor at the Department of Anthropology of Yarmouk University, Jordan. He finished his Ph.D in social anthropology from the University of Bordeaux in France. His main fields of research are: Political Anthropology; tribe and state in the middle east; Bedouin societies; socio-economic power networks, state construction in Jordan, the politics and policies of Jordanian cultural heritage, the state of science and the dynamics of scientific research in Jordan. He also participated in many EU research projects focusing on the Jordanian socio-cultural dynamics and their relationsips with other Mediteranean cultures. Recent publications are: L'anthropologie du livre en Jordqnie, Internationalization of social sciences in Jordan, Primordial ties vis citizenship: the Particularity of the Jordanian city, articles with Na'amneh, M. on “Identities in Old Clothes. The Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Second-hand Clothing in Irbid-Jordan” (in: Social Identities 18/5: 609-621, 2012) and with Mohammad Al-Tarawneh on “Rural Poverty in Jordan: Assessment and Characterization” (in: Anthropology of the Middle East, 6/2: 94-107, 2011).