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Prof. Mohamed Kerrou

Mohamed Kerrouis professor of Political Science at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia. His current fields of study are comparative politics in North Africa and the Middle East; Islam and politics in the contemporary world; Islamism, women and new public spheres; and the relationship of public policies, state and society. His latest writings are “New Actors of the Revolution and Political Transition in Tunisia” (in: C.H. Moore and J.Hyang: The Arab Spring. Will it lead to Democratic Transition?, Seoul 2012) and his books “Hijâb. Nouveaux Voiles et Espaces Publics”, Tunis 2010 and "Habib Bourguiba Jr. Notre Histoire". Entretiens avec Mohamed Kerrou, Tunis, Cérès Editions, 2013. His latest articles are: "Révolution, transition et violence politique ", Proximo Futuro, Revue de la Fondation Gulbenkian (Lisbonne), n°9, 2012, pp. 18-21 and "Société civile et compromis historique", Quadernes de la Mediterrànea (Annuaire de l’Institut Européen de la Méditerranée, Barcelone), n°22, 2015, pp. 33-38. http://www.iemed.org/publicacions-en/historic-de-publicacions/quaderns-de-la-mediterrania/sumaris/quaderns-de-la-mediterrania-22