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Neuer Blogpost von Radwa Kahled-Ibrahim und Jana Treffler

News vom 07.07.2020

What are the emotional and affective dynamics during and beyond the mass protests on Cairo’s Tahrir square and Taksim square in Istanbul? How do emotion and affect matter for political participation? What does this entail for more long-term transformations in both countries? These and other questions were tackled during the international workshop “Affective Politics and Political Transformation in Turkey and Egypt” on December 5th and 6th 2019 at FU Berlin, organized by the CRC-project C01 Political Participation, Emotion and Affect in the Context of Socio-Political Transformations. The event not only opened a critical reflection evolving around the affective politics during the protests in Egypt and Turkey and their aftermaths, but also offered a space of encounter and inspiring exchange on the methodological, conceptual and epistemic levels of affect and emotion studies within the social sciences. Continue reading

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