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Middle East Politics

(PS 15139)

RaumIhnestr. 22 UG3
Dienstag, 10-12 Uhr

Beginn: 19.04.

This class provides an introduction to the history and contemporary features of politics in the Middle East. The first part of the class will deal with basic aspects of the political and socio-economic history of the region, e.g. forms of colonialism, postcolonial state-building, consequences of the oil boom, the current period of neoliberal globalisation and the transformation of authoritarian forms of government. The second part will focus more intensively on particular themes, such as the politics of development and military intervention, transformations of nationalisms and political identities, or everyday experiences of dictatorship by drawing on specific country cases - Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. The guiding question will be what different authors identify as crucial aspects of politics in the region, and how they conceive of politics and government there. The class doesn't require any previous knowledge of the region. However, an interest in political theories and willingness to engage with longer and sometimes demanding texts is helpful. The working language of this class will be English.