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Jugend im Nahen Osten: Politik, Transformation und Revolution

With the Arab uprisings since 2010 particularly young men and women took to the streets showing their discontent with the current socio-political situation. Most Arab countries have a youth bulge in which the majority of the population is young in age making it particularly interesting to delve into the category of youth. This course aims at understanding youth in the Arab world by shedding light on their socio-political struggles. The course is divided into two parts. The first part will be theoretical in defining the concept of youth as a generation, an age-cohort, and or a social process highlighting different experiences among the youth cohort. The second part will be dedicated to particular cases of youth in different Arab countries. The aim is to connect theoretical notions of youth to lived experiences among this cohort in the Arab world for a deeper understanding of the meaning of the most recent political revolts