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David Feldman (London) über "The Racialization of Jews and Others (Die Rassifizierung von Juden und anderen)“

23.05.2022 | 18:00 c.t. - 19:45

Im Rahmen des vom Projekt "Geschichte der Ihnestraße 22" ausgerichteten OFFENEN HÖRSAALS "Eugenik – Entmenschlichung – Erinnerung" spricht David Feldman (University of London) über "The Racialization of Jews and Others (Die Rassifizierung von Juden und anderen)".

For much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the idea of race was central to the ways in which the human and natural sciences dealt with differences between peoples. In this lecture, David Feldman examines how this endeavour helped to create and reinforce racialized hierarchies within Europe and beyond. At the same time, he explores how, for some, the idea of race was compatible with the unity of humankind and how it was used by Jews and others to resist domination and denigration.

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Lautsprache statt.

David Feldman is a Professor of History at Birkbeck, University of London. He has been Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism since it was established in 2010. His books include „Englishmen and Jews: Social Relations and Political Culture“ (1994) and the edited volume „Boycotts Past and Present: From the American Revolution to the Campaign to Boycott Israel“ (2019). His current research deals with the history of opposition to antisemitism and with the history of ideas concerning the similarities and differences between Jews and non-Jews. He has also published on systems of the history of immigration to Britain, on the history of multiculturalism and on Islamophobia. His writing on antisemitism has appeared in The Guardian, Financial Times, Haaretz, Jewish Chronicle, History Workshop Online, and The Independent.

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23.05.2022 | 18:00 c.t. - 19:45

Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft, Hörsaal 1, Van't-Hoff-Straße 8, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem (U Thielplatz, mit Aufzug).
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