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“Negotiating Equity: Policy discourses on gender equity and diversity in science”

The project “Negotiating Equity: Policy discourses on gender equity and diversity in science”, explores the evolution and diffusion of policy ideas on gender equity and diversity in science, on the transnational and national level in Europe, the US, and other English-speaking countries. Following the principles of critical policy analysis, the project investigates how policymakers and other stakeholders frame and negotiate issues around gender and diversity in science - what understanding of gender, diversity, and science emerge, what solutions they suggest, and how they legitimize their claims. Comparing these discourses across different national, transnational, and institutional contexts, we ask how they are shaped by the context in which they emerged, and what these variations tell us about the respective institutional or national norms and identities. Finally, the project critically reflects on the potentials and limits of the emerging policy discourses, discussing both their implications for social change and how they might contribute to reproducing certain forms of inequality and exclusion.

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