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VORTRAG: Social Movements in Pandemic Times: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Cohesion

Prof. Donatella della Porta als Gast im Projekt Social Cohesion and Civil Society |
Montag, 23.05.2022, 18.15 Uhr | Hauptgebäude TU Berlin | Seminarraum H 2036 |
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Pandemic times have seen the mobilization of waves of protests of very different types. On the one hand, disruptive protests have mobilized coalitions of radical right, esoteric anti-vaccine, anti-EU and ultra conservative Christian groups that have targeted the measures taken to mitigate contagion up to the very denial of the pandemic. In these groups, populist visions have fueled conspirative beliefs already spread in regressive politics. On the other hand, progressive social movements have mobilized in defense of social rights and participatory democracy. In different forms--including innovative repertoires of protest in the streets but also initiatives practicing mutual help and the development of alternative knowledge--progressive social movements have claimed and produced solidarity, by bridging claims on social and environmental justice within a broad call for health rights. Building upon ongoing research on social movements during the pandemic, the keynote will address the broader question of the opportunities and challenges the pandemic brings about for social cohesion.

Dr. Donatella Della Porta ist Professorin für Politikwissenschaft, Dekanin der Fakultät für Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften und Direktorin des Doktorandenprogramms in Politikwissenschaft und Soziologie an der Scuola Normale Superiore in Florenz, wo sie auch das Zentrum für Studien über soziale Bewegungen leitet. Zu den Hauptthemen ihrer Forschung gehören soziale Bewegungen, politische Gewalt, Terrorismus, Korruption und Protestpolitik. Sie ist derzeit WZB Fellow am Zentrum für Zivilgesellschaftsforschung.

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