Arbeitsstelle Politik des Vorderen Orients

AdresseIhnestraße 22
Raum 227
14195 Berlin
SekretariatLaura Lelli Masah
Telefon+49 (0)30 838 56640
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LeitungUniv. Prof. Dr. Cilja Harders
Arbeitsstelle Politik des Vorderen Orients
Arbeitsstelle Politik des Vorderen Orients

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Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence. Procedings of the International Conference in Tunis, 12. - 13. November 2013

Naoual Belakhdar, Ilka Eickhof, Abla el Khawaga, Ola el Khawaga, Amal Hamada, Cilja Harders, Serena Sandri (ed.), 2013. [als PDF ansehen]    

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Local Politics and Contemporary Transformations in the Arab World: Governance Beyond the Center 

Malika Bouziane, Cilja Harders & Anja Hoffmann, 2013. [als PDF ansehen]


Social Sciences Transforming

Article about our DAAD-funded exchange with Cairo University in German and Arabic.

Social Sciences opens the door to ways of thought, and provides perspectives for  social transformation. Our partnership with Cairo University, "Challenges and Transformations in the Wake of the Arab Spring" gives students and teaching staff the opportunity to learn from and participate in such transformation.

Learn more about our exchange program.