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How do I Complete my "Notification of Conducted Teaching" Form?

At the end of each lecture period, the Study and Examination Office of the Department Administration PolSoz sends a form "Notification of Conducted Teaching" to all lecturers who have taught during the currently expiring lecture period. The Study Office uses this form to evaluate whether and to what extent the lecturers have fulfilled their teaching duties.

The form can be downloaded from the website of the PolSoz Department:

The following details must be entered in a table for each individual course:

Column 1: LV.-Nr. (e.g. 29600 or 29720)
Column 2: LV-Art: e.g. V, S, HS, C,... etc.
Column 3: title of the course as well as weekdays and time of the course
Column 4: duration: this refers to the amount of weekly semester hours (1 SWS or 2 SWS or 3 SWS etc.)
Column 5 line A: in which degree section did the course take place. You can choose between:  BA or MA or Prom or ABV
Column 5 Line B: was it a P = compulsory course or a WP (compulsory elective course) or a W (elective course)?
Column 6: did I teach the course individually or in cooperation with other lecturers: the own participation can be indicated in percentage, e.g. 50 %; or for courses with multiple lecturers you can indicate how many individual sessions you taught out of the total number of sessions (e.g. "3 out of 16 individual sessions" or "4 out of 14 individual sessions").
Column 7: how many participants attended the course a. at the beginning b. at the end?
Column 8: how frequently did the course take place? The following applies: in summer semesters a weekly course should take place 14 times, in winter semesters 16 times; if the course was held weekly, and the course was held less than 14 or 16 times, an explanation must be given on page 2 for the date that was cancelled.
Column 9: is not filled out by the lecturer, but by the Study Office of the PolSoz Department.

On page 2 of the form, you must put your signature with the date.

Regardless of whether or not you have held an apprenticeship, you must still submit the form noting "no apprenticeship held" and signing and dating on page 2.

The completed, and signed form should then be sent to the Study Office of the PolSoz Department within the deadline indicated (approximately March 15 in winter semesters, and approximately August 15 in summer semesters):
email: Studienbuero@PolSoz.FU-Berlin.de

Since the pandemic, a submission of the form as a digitally signed email-attachment is allowed.

Questions concerning the form can also be answered by the Study Office
email: Studienbuero@PolSoz.FU-Berlin.de

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