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How do I Apply for Reimbursement of my Expenses?

(updated: 18.07.2023)

How do I Apply for Reimbursement of my Expenses?

In the case of a business trip as well as a secondment, the form for reimbursement of travel expenses (="travel expense statement") must be submitted within 6 months after the return.

STEP 1: Fill in the form

You can download the form here:


Click on the first heading " Formulare für die Beantragung und Abrechnung von Dienstreisen” (=“Forms for Requesting and Settling Business Travel"), then on “Formular für die Abrechnung der Reisekosten” (="Form for Settling Travel Expenses"). English and German available.

If you had only one destination, the document is called "Annex 3" / If you had several destinations, it is "Annex 1".

Download the document and fill it out:

  • On the first page with the details of your trip, as you did when you applied for business travel.
  • On the second page, list the total expenses for which you are claiming reimbursement. This is then your "Table of Costs / Expenses". Please leave the amount in the original currency (do not convert to EUR). If you no longer have a receipt for a particular invoice, note it clearly.

It is REQUIRED that you keep all your receipts in the original and scan them.

It is ESSENTIAL that you provide proof of payment (e.g. bank statement) for each invoice (including train tickets!).

If you have more than 10 receipts:

  • Create a file with a new table explaining which receipt is in which place in the cost table.
  • Arrange the receipts by date.
  • Number each receipt/ or the page on which you scanned the receipt.
  • Have each receipt clearly correspond to the cost table listed.


STEP 2: Find approved mission/ secondment

If you apply for reimbursement, it means that your mission/expedition has been approved IN ADVANCE.

How do you know this? You (or the secretariat, at your request) sent the completed travel request form to the Travel Office of your Department on time. The departmental travel office has returned the form to you with the signature of the departmental finance department.

Attention. The professor's signature does NOT constitute approval of a business trip!

STEP 3: Collect proof of payment

Since you are claiming a refund, you must first prove that you actually paid these amounts. To do this, you need proof of payment for each amount indicated in the cost table.


STEP 4: Classify receipts and supporting documents

Match each receipt to its proof of payment.


STEP 5: Create a single PDF file

This PDF file should contain the following elements:

1.Travel Expense Report form (=Appendix 3 or 1).

2.Approved business trip

3.Receipts and their proof of payment, ORDERED

(if applicable: add your form to the approved advance payment)

STEPT 6: Send all forms AND canned receipts to the department's business travel office

To apply for reimbursement of costs, please submit a single PDF file to the business travel office of the department.

Name your file "Travel expense report_your name_your business trip location_your business trip date"

Send your documents (by Fachpost if it is a large statement) to:

Business travel matters / excursions


Ihnestraße 21
Raum 211
14195 Berlin





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