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How Can I Apply for an Advance Payment for an Authorized Travel?

(updated: 18.07.2023)

How Can I Apply for an Advance Payment for an Authorized Trip?

 If you need an advance payment to purchase your flight tickets for a business trip, you can receive an advance payment.

This advance payment amounts to a maximum of 80% of the costs incurred, and can also be submitted before the trip is approved (if the business trip application is still being processed).

You can find the corresponding application form following this link:


Under the first heading field “Formulare für die Beantragung und Abrechnung von Dienstreisen “ (="Forms for the application and settlement of business trips") you will find the form „Antrag auf Abschlagzahlung für eine zu erwartende Reisekostenvergütung“ (="Application for advance payment for an expected travel allowance") in the third last item.

Please download this form and fill it out with your staff number, your contact details as well as your bank details.

Calculate the amounts (max. 80%) based on the costs indicated.

Date and sign the form.

Let the form be signed by the person responsible for the cost centre (professor or project manager).

Add the receipts and collect this file in a bundled PDF file.

Send this file to dienstreisen@polsoz.fu-berlin.de

After approval, a payment order will be placed on the specified account by the secretary office. You will receive payment within one week.

IMPORTANT: Please fill in the form on the computer/digital. This will prevent problems in processing the order (for example due to unreadable handwriting/characters).

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