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Where Can I Print, Scan and Copy?

In order to save costs and to achieve sustainability, the FU management tries to ensure that, wherever possible, printing and scanning processes are conducted on central devices of the institute and not from individual printers and scanners in the offices. Just few individual printers and scanners continue to be used in some offices.

Generally, two central printers/scanners/copiers are available for IfSKA employees.
(they are identified by the printer network under "FollowMe-Drucker"):

1. At the Landoltweg 9-11, room 018 (ground floor, just right behind the entrance)
2. At the Thielallee 52, room K 006 (basement)

The use is only possible with the help of the transponder!

Furthermore, scanning is only possible if you have been registered for the institute's internal networks, since the scanned documents are sent to the email address of the transponder owner.

Also, all employees can send print commands from their linked IT devices to the central printers. They can now print from the central printers and take the printouts with them.

A written instruction manual is placed at the printer's location next to the devices.

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