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List of supervised Ph.D. theses


Working Title

Jonathan Kempen

Ndebele Communities and the South African State – Negotiating Culture, Structure and Strategies [first supervisor]

Žiga Podgornik-Jakil 

State-assigned Housing, 'Integration', and Struggles for Autonomous Living among Asylum Seekers in Berlin after 2015 [first supervisor]

Sirin Knecht

Advocating human rights under conditions of religious legal pluralism: the example of NGOs in Beirut, Lebanon [first supervisor]

Victoria Kumala Sakti 

Bonds and Boundaries: Violence, Memory and Socio-Emotional Repair in Timor-Leste [second supervisor]

Britta Rutert

Contested Properties: An Ethnography on People, Plants and the Politics of Bioprospecting in Post-Apartheid South Africa [second supervisor]

Giorgio Brocco

Zeruzeru and Diverse Shades of Difference: A Study of People with Albinism in Kilolo District, Tanzania  [second supervisor]

Lisa Melcher

Strategic Planning in Chinese Towns: Ideas, Influences, and Change [second supervisor]

Helga Jockenhövel-Schiecke

Migrantinnen aus mittel-osteuropäischen Ländern in Berlin. Grenzüberschreitende Bildungs- und Erwerbsprozesse, transnationale Lebensformen und mütterliche Strategien zur Zukunft ihrer Kinder [second supervisor]

Berlin Southern Theory Lecture