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Digitalization and Participation Division at ICA 2021

News from May 21, 2021

The 71st Annual International Communication Association Conference (ICA) "Engaging The Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice" will take place online from 27 to 31 May 2021. The division "Digitalization and Participation” participates in the conference with three papers:

Anna Litvinenko presents together with Anna Smolyarova from St. Petersburg University their study "Trust in Anonymous News? The Phenomenon of Political Channels on Russian Telegram". She will also present her research "Constructive Aggression? Multiple Roles of Aggressive Content in Political Discourse on Russian YouTube" together with co-authors Svetlana Bodrunova, Ivan Blekanov, and Dmitry Nepiyushchikh.

Florian Primig presents his paper "Checkmate for Fact Checking: The Influence of Media Trust, and Normative Role Expectations on the Credibility of Fact Checkers and Fact Checking".

For more information please visit the conference website.

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