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Research and Development Project „Media for Peace“ (M4P)


Division Digitalization and Participation
In collaboration with Bundeswehr University München

Principal Investigator:

Head of the subproject at FU Berlin:

Research Team:

Student Assistant:

  • Linda Wiethaus B. A.


Contact Person:
Tamer Farag

Project Description:

The research and development project "Media for Peace" (M4P) pursues the goal of using the potentials of digitalisation to be conflict-sensitive, de-escalating and peace-promoting in war and conflict regions with a form of journalism that is innovative, sustainable and ethically oriented. The project focuses on two countries: Afghanistan and Lebanon. The focus on these two countries enables a comparative approach in terms of stabilisation and peace processes.
Methodologically, on the one hand, guided interviews will be conducted in order to record media, public and politics in the two countries. On the other hand, topic developments and disinformation on Twitter will be analysed. Based on the research results, a platform for conflict-sensitive, de-escalating and peace-promoting journalism will be developed and evaluated.
As an external cooperation partner of this project, the project team at our department is primarily involved in analysing the media systems in Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Duration of the research project: 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2024


  • Journalism, Peace Journalism, Peace Building, Plattform, Media Systems, Afghanistan, Lebanon