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Book Series & Publications

Book "Arab Media Systems" 2021

This open-access-book provides a comparative analysis of media systems in the Arab world – country-by-country. Edited by Carola Richter & Claudia Kozman.

Academics in Exile

A book project and two research seminars deal with this specific group of forced migrants.

Book Series "Global Communications"

Peer-reviewed Open Access book series at Open Book Publishers in Cambridge / UK in collaboration with Michael Brüggemann, Sven Engesser, Merlyna Lim & Ingrid Bachmann.

Book Series "Studies in International, Transnational and Global Communications"

Book series at Springer on all topics of International Communication in German and English in collaboration with Susanne Fengler, Sven Engesser and Michael Brüggemann

Book Series "Media and Political Communication - Middle East and Islam"

Book series at Frank & Timme, which publishes studies on political communication in the MENA region. Published in collaboration with Kai Hafez.

Book „Academia in Transformation. Arab and German Perspectives”

This book deals with the changes in various scientific disciplines after the 2011 "Arab Spring" . It was created within the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA).

Book "New Media Configurations and Socio-Cultural Dynamics in Asia and the Arab World“

This book developed from the DFG network "Medialization and social change outside Europe: South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Arabic-speaking area"