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Lecture by Stuart Shulman 12 May, 4–6 p.m. on "Fear and Loathing on the Social Campaign Trail"

News from May 09, 2016

What are voters on Twitter afraid of in 2016? Fear is one of the most freely expressed forms of sentiment in social media. Bridging political and computational science, Dr. Shulman will present a frightening array of scenarios predicted in the Tweets. The presentation will have three parts. Part one is a history of political fear in the United States. From Thomas Jefferson and General Jackson to Senator McCarthy, fear is ubiquitous. The candidacy of Donald Trump fits squarely into a well-worn tradition. Part two will explore the indelible role of social data in the current U.S. election landscape. Part three looks at how we are using specific mixed methods and computational tools to construct political fear detectors using Twitter data. Building on important “emotion lexicon” work by the National Research Council of Canada, Dr. Shulman will lay out the challenges and opportunities when human and machines work together to answer the question: what scares voters in the United States?

Place: Institute for Media and Communication, Garystr. 55, 14195 Berlin. Seminar room 55-105.

Time: 4–6 p.m. (c.t.)

Dr. Stuart W. Shulman is founder & CEO of Texifter.  He was a Research Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the founding Director of the Qualitative Data Analysis Program (QDAP) at the University of Pittsburgh and at UMass Amherst. Dr. Shulman is Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Information Technology & Politics, the official journal of Information Technology & Politics section of the American Political Science Association.






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