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New volume „Public Spheres of Resonance“ contains an article written by Margreth Lünenborg

Cover Public Spheres of Resonance

Cover Public Spheres of Resonance
Image Credit: (c) Routledge

News from Nov 13, 2019

The volume “Public Spheres of Resonance – Constellations of Affect and Langauge“ has been published as part of the series “Routledge Studies of Affective Societies”. Edited by Anne Fleig and Christian von Scheve, the volume contains the article “Affective Publics: Understanding the Dynamic Formation of Public Articulations Beyond the Public Sphere” written by Margreth Lünenborg. In the article, Lünenborg argues for an inclusion of affect and emotion into an appropriate understanding of today’s conflictual, dynamic, and often antagonistic constellations of publics as “affective publics”.

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