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New Blog Posts by Laura Sūna, Ana Makhashvili and Débora Medeiros

News from Oct 07, 2020

In „Von Lagerfeuergefühl über Lästern bis Scham: Emotionsgemeinschaften des Reality TV-Publikums“, Laura Sūna describes which affectively primed processes of communitization are organized by television and how thereby forms of belonging are negotiated and exclusions are produced. She gives a brief insight into the results of a study on the reception and appropriation of reality TV.

Ana Makhashvili and Débora Medeiros consider how far-right movements in Germany and elsewhere, are making use of the ongoing pandemic in various ways and mobilizing supporters online and offline. In their blog post „The affective economy of anxiety or how the German far right capitalizes on Covid-19“, they share insights into the circulation of affect and emotions such as anxiety, as well as its appropriation by far-right actors in social media and beyond.

The articles can be found on the blog of the Collaborative Research Centre Affective Societies.

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