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New anthology "Medien und Wahrheit" published by Dr. Saskia Sell, Prof. Christian Schicha und Dr. Ingrid Stapf!

News from Feb 22, 2021

Dr. Saskia Sell, Prof. Dr. Christian Schicha and Dr. Ingrid Stapf published the anthology Medien und Wahrheit. Medienethische Perspektiven auf Desinformation, Lügen und „Fake News“ (Nomos).

This volume discusses media ethics perspectives on truth in the context of digitalisation, while also addressing loss of trust and interpretations of the truth in public communication. It develops theoretical classifications of  ‘fake news’ and disinformation from both a sociological and a media philosophy perspective. Empirical investigations and case studies on manipulation focus on image editing and communication strategies in political debates. Moreover, the book presents problems and solutions in relation to disinformation from a journalistic perspective. The volume concludes by examining normative challenges posed by

You can find the volume here

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