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"Affektive Medienpraktiken: Emotionen, Körper, Zugehörigkeiten im Reality TV" published by Prof. Margreth Lünenborg, Dr. Tanja Maier, Claudia Töpper & Dr. Laura Sūna!

News from Feb 22, 2021

Prof. Margreth LünenborgDr. Tanja MaierDr. Laura Sūna and Claudia Töpper published their new book Affektive Medienpraktiken: Emotionen, Körper, Zugehörigkeiten im Reality TV. The study is based on the first project term of the project Journalism and the order of emotions (SFB Affective Societies).

Following affect theory, the new publication is analyzing reality TV. It shows the complexity of affects between TV shows, media technology and the bodies of the audience on an empirical dimension. It is discussing which strategies and typical patterns producers of reality TV shows are using to create affects and emotions and how inclusion and exclusion in audio-visual media texts can have perceptible impacts on the audience’s bodies. It also shows that emotions and affects left its marks in the bodies and discourses of the audience. The affective dynamics of the feeling of belonging are shown on the dimensions ‘body’, ‘discourse’ and ‘practice’ in this way. The study is an important contribution for methodical and theoretical questions about the research of affects and emotions in communication sciences.

You can find the German publication here.

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