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On the Importance of Emotions in Journalism – Margreth Lünenborg and Débora Medeiros publish contribution in anthology

News from Jan 31, 2023

A new article by Margreth Lünenborg and Débora Medeiros has been published in the anthology Journalismusforschung: Stand und Perspektiven [Journalism Research: Current Status and Perspectives]. The article reviews the different facets of affect and emotion in the production, circulation and reception of journalistic content. Referring back to the paradigm of objectivity and neutrality, which has long deemed emotions to be a disruptive factor in the mediation of information, the authors address the points at which emotions play a role in journalism and journalism research and the research trends that have emerged over the years. For example, they point to new forms and formats that allow affect and emotion to become part of (para)journalistic content.

The article is published in German and can be accessed online by FU students and employees by connecting to the VPN.

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