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Summer Term 2017


Title of the Master Thesis

Mykhaylo Bonovskyy

Online Astroturfing: Media Users Perspective – An exploratory study of online astroturfing perceptions

Sabrina Borner

Challenges of Social Media Use of the Police in Times of Crisis - Dealing with Social Media in Times of Terrorism and Threat of Terrorism

Hannah Knox

ICTs for Poverty Reduction in Malawi – Assessing Limitations of Mobile Messaging Services for the Country’s Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP)

Denise Kopyciok

Right-Wing Populism and the Media – Framing the party leader: How do the populist right party AfD and the leading German media frame the party leader Frauke Petry?

Nokuthula Veronica Mnyandu

Understanding the user’s experience in Smart City Technology: Citizen Participation in the Smart City

Patricia Scheiber

Populism in Social Media - A Comparison of German Parties on Facebook by means of Content Analyses