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Master Theses (Sorted by Terms)

  • Elizaveta Buryak

In bot we trust: Investigating the user's information disclosure in the context of conversational commerce

  • Charlotte Leikert

Reference to opponents as a mobilization strategy? Evaluation of the strategic communication of selected extremist groups on social media

  • Vanessa Reiber

Strategic framing of the extreme right on YouTube. An empirical analysis of right-wing populist videos

  • Ermin Sejdiji

Follow-up communication in social media. A qualitative analysis of factors and motives for the participation in discourse of digital public spheres

  • Florian Stiel

"Der mächtigste Rüpel der Welt" - Anti-Americanism in German media - the Trump era

  • Magnus Folten

Mediated authenticity on Instagram: How influencers create authenticity

  • Qianyuhe Bao

Climate Change Communication in China - Mapping Topics and Actor-Network on Sina Weibo

  • Sophie Seyffert

Journalism, politics, civil society. A comparison of digital risk communication regarding ecologic topics. To which extent does the quality of digital risk communication regarding forest fires in Germany differ from each other in terms of players in journalism, politics and civil society?

  • Sina Thäsler-Kordonouri

The experience of individual political responsibility and its association with practices of social media political participation among young Germans

  • Diana Baidauletova

Youth Political Participation and Media in Kazakhstan - A Look at Kazakh Ruling Party Youth Wing Members' Participation

  • Henning Brücker

The New German Interne Institute: An Exploration of Public Expectations on Interdisciplinary Communication of Knowledge

  • Olga Ivanova

Political Internet Memes as a Mean of Political Actors' (De)Legitimization

  • Anna Yazijyan

Immersive Virtual Reality Journalism for the First Person Experience of News - The Myth or the Future of Media?

  • Aleksandr Lokhmutov

News Values in International Coverage of NGOs


Title of the Master Thesis

Mykhaylo Bonovskyy

Online Astroturfing: Media Users Perspective – An exploratory study of online astroturfing perceptions

Sabrina Borner

Challenges of Social Media Use of the Police in Times of Crisis - Dealing with Social Media in Times of Terrorism and Threat of Terrorism

Hannah Knox

ICTs for Poverty Reduction in Malawi – Assessing Limitations of Mobile Messaging Services for the Country’s Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP)

Denise Kopyciok

Right-Wing Populism and the Media – Framing the party leader: How do the populist right party AfD and the leading German media frame the party leader Frauke Petry?

Nokuthula Veronica Mnyandu

Understanding the user’s experience in Smart City Technology: Citizen Participation in the Smart City

Patricia Scheiber

Populism in Social Media - A Comparison of German Parties on Facebook by means of Content Analyses



Author Title of the Master Thesis
Caroline Böhme Forming a Political Opinion in Social Media - Echo Chamber Pegida
Janina Gera Open Government Data and Civil Society in Germany - The Innovators and Visionaries of a Transparent, Participative and Collaborative Administration
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Nicolas Heintz 'The Audience becomes Program Director' - Forward-Looking Statements within Public Communication about the Future of Media Technology. A Qualitative Content Analysis Using the Example of Non-Linear Moving Image Technology
Monique Plautz Education and Media: Playing together Creatively. A Descriptive Study on the Impact of Parents on the Media Competency of Children
Victoriia Vziatysheva Construction of Global Society in Online Media of Germany and Russia
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Antonia Hanney Not without my cell phone! The Impact of Parallel Smartphone Use on Situations of Face-to-Face Communication
André Hornung News Factors as Determinants of the News Spread in Social Media
Louisa-Marie Kölzer Phubbing – An Analysis of Norm-Violating Behavior
Conrad Kubernath Weathering the Shitstorm – An Explorative Field Study on Dealing with Spontaneous Outrage
Louisa Rudow

2015 Study on Graduates – An Empirical Analysis of Study Satisfaction and the Acceptance of the Bachelor Program Media and Communication Studies of Freie Universität Berlin for Later Professions

Marieke Wulff Between Human Dignity and the Obligation to Provide Information: Ethical Challenges for Professional Journalists at the Background of Terroristic PR on the Internet
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Linda Brandes Scandal 2.0? An Empirical Analysis of Virtual Outrage on the Basis of Scandalization Research
Marie-Lena Dieckmann Europe in the European Election? - An Analysis of Election Videos of Political Parties in International Comparison
Johanna Hartung Mobile Communication in Sub-Saharan Africa - An empirical analysis of use patterns in The Gambia
Melanie Neumann Between Goodwill and the Yearn for Self-Display in the Media - Motives for Participation in Viral (Charity) Campaigns Based on the Example of the Ice Bucket Challenge
Maximiliane Schäffer Crowdsourced Election Monitoring: An Explorative Study on the Democratic and Mobilizing Potential of New Information and Communication Technologies Based on the Example of the Open-Source Platform Ushahidi
Sara Marie Sperling Media Disenchantment and Online Journalism. An Empirical Study on the Hostile Media Effect Based on the Example of Pegida
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Rosina Bischur Interpersonal Online Communication between Anonymous Users. Media Use Based on the Example of Tinder
Tatjana Budziarek Strategies for the Presentation of Politicians in Social Networks. A Qualitative Study for Self-Display on Facebook
Ricarda Mang Medial Induced Attributions of Italian Migrants Regarding the European Policy for Stability Represented by the German Government under Angela Merkel
Tom Nebe The Correlation of Interpersonal Follow-Up Communication and Views on Politics. An Empirical Study on the Impact of Follow-Up Communication about Political Media Contents on the Dimensions of Political Disenchantment
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Franziska Naumann Employer Branding in Social Media: Development and Application of a Catalogue of Criteria for the Measurement of Success
Jana Pieritz Second Screen: Research on the Parallel Use of TV and Internet. An Empirical Study on Motives for the Tendency towards a Second Screen
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Christian Bach Which Evaluations and Expectations do Electors Associate with Augmented Reality Apps Used During Election Campaigns?
Alexander Horn Indexing a Threat of War. A Comparative Content Analysis of Parliamentary and Media Coverage of the Iranian Nuclear Program
Ariane Jordan Governmental Communication 2020: What Politicians can Learn from Dialogue-Oriented Online Communication of Enterprises
Madlen Leukefeld First-Time Voters and Governmental Communication: A Quantitative Analysis of Motives for the Use of Online Offerings of the German Government
Jasmin Sobotta The Motives of Former Facebook Users - A Qualitative Survey among Former Users of Social Networks
Anne Weiße Twitter and the Political Debate on TV 2013: An Analysis of Communication that is Accompanying the Reception of Contents within the Social Web
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Anica Brenncke Political Public Relation within the Social Web. An Analysis of Online Communication between Members of the German Bundestag and Citizens
Ivonne Straka Politics under Control? The Correlation of Public and Hidden Lobbyism
Author Title of the Master Thesis
Nikola Schütze Politainment in German Daily Newspapers before the Elections of the Berlin Government between 1990 and 2011