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Winter Term 2015/ 16

Author Title of the Master Thesis
Antonia Hanney Not without my cell phone! The Impact of Parallel Smartphone Use on Situations of Face-to-Face Communication
André Hornung News Factors as Determinants of the News Spread in Social Media
Louisa-Marie Kölzer Phubbing – An Analysis of Norm-Violating Behavior
Conrad Kubernath Weathering the Shitstorm – An Explorative Field Study on Dealing with Spontaneous Outrage
Louisa Rudow

2015 Study on Graduates – An Empirical Analysis of Study Satisfaction and the Acceptance of the Bachelor Program Media and Communication Studies of Freie Universität Berlin for Later Professions

Marieke Wulff Between Human Dignity and the Obligation to Provide Information: Ethical Challenges for Professional Journalists at the Background of Terroristic PR on the Internet