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Summer Term 2019

  • Anastasia Devyatova

Anti-stigma Campaigns as a Means of Public De-Stigmatization of Mental Illnesses

  • Robin Knies

Convenience vs. Content - An Analysis of the Discrepancy between Media Perception and Media Use

  • Anastasia Kozlova

Risks of the Use of Social Networks from a Socio-scientific and Technological Perspective - Using the Example of Facebook

  • Thabo Paul

The Portrayal of Black Athletes in German Media - To what Extent does the Portrayal of Black Basketball Players differ from the Portrayal of White Basketball Players?

  • Taise Pedroso Knutsen

The Political Use of Facebook during the Presidential Election Campaign in Brazil 2018

  • Jesko Strosny

The Impact of Social Media on Body Images - A Quantitative Study on the Effect of Fitness Profiles on Instagram

  • Denitsa Vasileva

"Give me your heart". Instagram as a Tool for Finding a Romantic Partner from a Uses and Gratifications Perspective