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Bachelor Theses (Sorted by Terms)

  • Anna Lob

Communication via social media and the feminist movement in Germany - between hate speech and #Aufschrei

  • Sabrina Klingenberg

Political communication - Do influencers constitute a new form of political public players?

  • Christoph Schmidt

Normative requirements for journalistic media - a qualitative content analysis of the media coverage regarding the case of Relotius

  • Stefanie Bentert

Which impact do the parameters relevant for telephone surveys have on the willingness of respondents to participate in a survey? An analysis of metadata of surveys conducted in the department of communication stuides at Freie Universität Berlin

  • Pauline Kudell

The use of social media in public administrations. An evaluation of the communication between public adminstrations and citizens via social media regarding the concepts of speed, transparency and proximity

  • Romano Ussat

News factors on Instagram compared to those on TV: A quantitative content analysis exemplified by Tagesschau

  • Anastasia Devyatova

Anti-stigma Campaigns as a Means of Public De-Stigmatization of Mental Illnesses

  • Robin Knies

Convenience vs. Content - An Analysis of the Discrepancy between Media Perception and Media Use

  • Anastasia Kozlova

Risks of the Use of Social Networks from a Socio-scientific and Technological Perspective - Using the Example of Facebook

  • Thabo Paul

The Portrayal of Black Athletes in German Media - To what Extent does the Portrayal of Black Basketball Players differ from the Portrayal of White Basketball Players?

  • Taise Pedroso Knutsen

The Political Use of Facebook during the Presidential Election Campaign in Brazil 2018

  • Jesko Strosny

The Impact of Social Media on Body Images - A Quantitative Study on the Effect of Fitness Profiles on Instagram

  • Denitsa Vasileva

"Give me your heart". Instagram as a Tool for Finding a Romantic Partner from a Uses and Gratifications Perspective

  • Anastasiya Kosyk

Filter Bubbles in Social Networks - Personalization from the Perspective of the Uses and Gratifications Approach

  • Emma Seng

Risks of the Social Media Use of Adolescents

  • Erik Amann

How does the mise-en-scène of the emotions in RuPaul's Drag Race contribute to the representation and the breakthrough of confines of stereotypical femininity? An analysis of the mise-en-scène of the characters Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese in RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 5

  • Lilia Georgieva

Which are the factors that lead to success in customer driven CSR campaigns?

  • Jasmin Hazim

What are the characteristics of media generations?

  • Evelin Hordós

The Correlation between the Use of Facebook and the Social Relations of the so-called Generation Y

  • Jung-Jung Wu

Chatbot Technology in Supporting External Brand Communication

Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Rosanna Fanni Two Minutes between 13.467 characters and digits. An Explorative Study on the Use of Videos on ZEIT ONLINE from a User Perspective

Title of the Bachelor Thesis

Milena Hödt

Political Opinion in Social Networks in Times of Post-Truth Politics

Markus Zieger

The Reliability of Opinion Polls for Elections in the Context of Social Media - How does Personalized Communication on Facebook affect the Reliability of Results of Opinion Polls?

Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Lea Rosa Holtfreter Motives of Social Media Use by Supporters of Right-Wing Populist Movements
Madleen Kamrath Public Opinion in Social Networks and their Influence on Communicators – An Addition to the Theory of Spiral of Silence
Elisabeth Rieber Twitter as a Communication Channel in PR of Foundations. A Quantitative Content Analysis
Evgenia Stier „Social Marketing Platforms? How Advertising is Carried out on YouTube”
Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Yuheng Feng Internet Use in China
Mandy Haugg The Effect of the Video-On-Demand Offering in Germany on the User Behavior by Watching TV Shows
Rouven Kühbauch The Democratic Potential of Hyperlocal Online Journalism
Catherine Ziehm The Challenges of Digital Media Use for TV Research
Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Rebecca Ciesielski Does Big Data mean the End of the Theory? A Quantitative Meta-Analysis of the Influence of the Application of Selected Scientific Conventions in Quantitative Communication Research
Nadia Dagher The Political Mobilization by the Internet – Egypt, Germany and the USA in Comparison
Kalina Drenska Political Internet Meme within Communication of Election Campaigns
Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Malte Belz Search Engines and the Public: The Effects of Personalized Search on the Internet
Anna-Maria Goldberg Sustainability Communication in Development Contexts. Sustainability by Participation: The Relevance of Grassroots Initiatives in Communication Strategies for a Sustainable Development
Daniela Stoltenberg Does the News Value influence the Conversation Value? An Analysis of the Effects of News Factors on Follow-Up Communication on the Internet
Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Katharina Manzer Dimensions of Political Use of Facebook
Frank Petersen Conditions, Potentials and Limits of Incidental Findings of Automatically Collected User Data of Web Offerings
Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Nils Altland Search Engines and Social Media: Filters, Mediators or new Actors?
Author Title of the Bachelor Thesis
Anna Rakhmanko The Role of Twitter in Protest Movements in Russia