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Winfried-Fest-Lecture 2019

Windfried-Fest-Lecture 2019

For the European Journalism-Fellowships the new year 2019 began with the traditional Winfried-Fest-Lecture. In the 20th year of the programme the Lecture took place on Monday, February 4, 2019 in the Conference Center of the Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin Dahlem.

At the beginning of the evening Prof. Dr. Görke,, scientific director of the EJF bid the guests of the evening welcome and held a reception speech. Afterwards he gave over to this years speaker of the Winfried-Fest-Lecture.

This year’s speaker was Claudia Südner, press officer of the Berlin senate and head of the press and information office. She held a speech about the topic: “Press officer- about the truthfulness of a job in troubled times”.

The guests and the fellows got captivating insisghts into the chances and challenges of the job as a press officer during politically challenging times. After the lecture the guests got the chance to ask questions in an open discussion round. Afterwards the fellows of the 20th year of the EJF programme introduced themselves. Finally the evening ended with a traditional New Year’s reception where the fellows and the guests got the chance to get to know each other and share their impressions of the evening.

With the traditional Winfried-Fest-Lecture the European Journalism-Fellowships commemorate the publicist and speaker of the Berlin senate, Winfried Fest, who also was a member of the foundation advisory board of the European Journalism-Fellowships.