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Course-specific Questions: Bachelor Media and Communication Studies

Please find more information on the Application for Undergraduate Degree Programs (Bachelor, Staatsexamen) here.

Media and Communication Studies at Freie Universität is offered as a combination Bachelor’s program, which consists of one major (typically 90 credits) and one or two minor subjects (one 60-credit minor or two 30-credit minors). Media and Communication Studies can be chosen either as major (90 credits) or as minor (60 credits) through other study programs. Students can choose their majors and minors from a broad range of subjects unless a specific combination is required. For details see the Interactive Combination Table. The table displays Media and Communication Studies as “major “ or “minor” and lists possible combinations.

Please note: Candidates get separately admitted to their majors and minors, but have to enroll for all of the program’s components at the same time. In addition to major and minor subjects, 30 credits need to be accomplished in the area of General professional skills courses (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung, ABV).

Media and Communication Studies is a transdisciplinary field in social sciences. It applies different perspectives to the conditions, structures, processes, contents and effects of mediated communication, especially mass communication, and contributes to their shape. It encompasses all forms of direct and mediated public communication, including organizational communication as well as new forms of computer-mediated and net-based communication.

Through the discussion of media communication and other societal phenomena the study of media and communication science conveys key qualifications (media and communication competence, problem-solving techniques) for jobs in journalism and public relations, communication and media research, program planning and media marketing, organizational communication, computer-mediated and net-based communication outlets and arts and media administration.

An overview of the program’s contents is offered by the Online Study Program Assistant (Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistent) (in German) which includes interactive tasks and provides direct feedback. Information on the subjects as well as literature advice can be found in the program description on the homepage of Freie Universität Berlin. Detailed information on the contents of each study unit can be found in the study and examination regulations (pdf-file, in German).

The bachelor’s program Media and Communication Studies comprises seven study units and a bachelor's thesis. An overview of the recommended progress of the program (plan of study) including the titles of each study unit can be found here. Detailed information on the subjects of each study unit can be found in the study and examination regulations (pdf-file, in German).

The study of Media and Communication Studies conveys key qualifications for jobs in journalism and public relations, organizational communication, communication and media research, media marketing and planning. An alumni study from 2015  (in German) gives an overview of jobs that alumni chose after successfully completing Media and Communication Studies at Freie Universität Berlin.

For general questions regarding language requirements, tuition fees and further information on studying in Germany, please click here.