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Conflict Counselling

In an ideal case, doctoral candidates and their respective supervisors cooperate in a fair and pro­ductive work climate, in which differing assessments and views are seen as a source of enrichment and chance for development.

In any long-term relationship, however, a misunderstanding, contrast of interests etc. may lead to tensions that put a strain on your further communication/cooperation. Finding oneself in such a po­sition is awkward enough, to avoid any possible escalation both parties should address the prob­lem frankly and look for a fair solution.

If you do not wish to face such a sensitive talk with your supervisor on your own or should your supervisor and you not succeed in finding a constructive solution to your conflict, you can always turn to the department´s conflict counselling for assistance.

In the Department of Political and Social Sciences four professors,

have agreed to serve as liaisons between doctoral candidates and their supervisors in case of conflict.

Should you be in need of advice or support you can get in touch with any of these liaisons, it does not have to be the representative of the field you wish to attain your doctorate in.