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Staff Members

Dr. Ingo Peters

Associate Professor of Political Science

Executive Director of the Center

+49 30 838 55530


Prof. Dr. Elvira Rosert

Visiting professor - deputy professor for Risse Winter term 2022


Prof. Dr. Mariano Barbato

Visiting professor - deputy professor for Risse summer term 2022


Dr. Mathis Lohaus


Researcher in the DFG projects "TRANSNORMS" and "Global Pathways"

+49 30 838 65731

Mathis Lohaus

Chris Höhne


Researcher in the DFG project "TRANSNORMS"

foto chris hoehne

Dr. Eva Magdalena Stambøl


Research Project Security Doctrines in a changing World

eva bild

Lisa van Hoof-Maurer

Coordination Officer for the Master of Arts "International Relations" (MAIB) Berlin/Potsdam

Bild van-Hoof-Maurer

Manuel Hofmann

Student Assistant

DFG project "The Communicated IO: Public Relations, Civil Society Inclusion and Global Politicization of International Organizations" (EC 323/2-1)

+49 30 838 72526

Hannah-Aeterna Borne

Student Assistant for the Junior Professorship for Political Science with Reference to the Transnational Politics of the Global South

+49 30 838 55527


Martin Vallejo Rodríguez

Student Assistant, Research Project "Transformative Constitutionalism and the Borderlines of Liberalism"

+49 30 838 55527

M. V. R. Hochkant

Myrodis Athanassiou

Student Assistant, Research Projekt "TRANSNORMS"

Maren Lorenzen-Fischer

Student Assistant, Research Projekt "TRANSNORMS"