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Completed dissertations

Dr. Lunting Wu

"Competing Foreign Normative Powers in Latin America: Comparative Study on China and the European Union" - 2023

Lecturer at Berlin School of Economics and Law


Prof. Dr. Oleksandra Keudel

"Picking sweet and sour cherries: Patronal politics and institutional mechanisms for local citizen participation in Ukraine" - 2021

Associate Professor, Graduate Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at Kyiv School of Economics


Dr. Stephan Lutzenberger

"Overcoming regional blindness - subnational authorities and compliance with EU legislation" - 2020

Director of studies at Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen


Dr. Jason Hyungsup Han

"Neither war nor peaceful settlement: dynamics of unstable peace in post-Cold War Northeast Asia" - 2019

Han, Hyungsup (Jason)

Dr. Louisa Opitz

"Déja-vu? Die Governance der europäischen Wirtschaftsunion nach der Eurokrise: eine Analyse und Erklärung ihres Governance-Wandels als Fortschreibung der deutsch-französischen Präferenzkonstellation von Maastricht" - 2019

First Speaker for ESG and Rating, section Capital Markets at NRW.BANK


Dr. Ann-Sophie Gast

"Cooperation among autocracies? The Eurasian Economic Union" - 2019


Prof. Dr. Maria Debre

"The Club of Arab Monarchies – Ensuring the Survival of Authoritarian Rule through Diffusion and Regional Integration in the Gulf Cooperation Council" - 2018

Professor for International Relations at Zeppelin-Universität Friedrichshafen

Maria Debre

Dr. Ganyi Zhang

"Can China be a Friendly and Responsible Great Power? A research on the building of trust between China and East Asian states" - 2018

Political and Economic Analyst at GEODIS


Dr. Corinna Krome

"ASEAN and Democracy – A Contradicting Thought!?" - 2018

Manager at Utopia Lüneburg

Corinna Krome

Dr. Luisa Linke-Behrens

"Unravelling State Capacity: How Bureaucratic Resources, Efficiency, and Autonomy Affect Governance by External Actors" - 2018

Head of Department for Digitalisation and Controlling at Bezirksamt Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Berlin


Dr. Harrison Kalunga Mwilima

"How states choose: European involvement in promoting regional integration in East Africa" - 2017

Lecturer of Europe-Africa Relations at Centre international de formation européenne & Lecturer at Berlin School of Economics and Law


Dr. Sören Stapel

"The Adoption and Design of Regional Democracy, Human Rights, and Rule of Law Institutions: The Interplay of Demands and Diffusion" - 2016

Research Staff at Center for International Relations, Freie Universität Berlin


Dr. Mathis Lohaus

"Global consensus on corruption?: international organizations, diffusion, and the design of agreements" - 2016

Research Staff on the project „TRANSNORMS - Translating International Norms between the Global and the Local“ at Freie Universität Berlin


Dr. Moritz Knoll

"Policy-sector specific explanations of non-compliance with European law" - 2016


Dr. Bidzina Lebanidze

"Neighborhood Europeanization in Russia’s ‘Near Abroad’. External Influence and the Failure of Democratic Consolidation in Post-Soviet States" - 2016

Associate Professor of International Relations at Ilia State University Tbilisi; Senior Analyst at Georgian Institute of Politics & Research Staff at Institute for Slavic and Caucasian Studies, Friedrich Schiller University Jena


Dr. Esther Thomas

"Sustainable conflict management by multinational mining companies in areas of limited statehood" - 2014

Water Stewardship Managing Technical Consultant at Environmental Resource Management; ERM Alliance for Water Stewardship

Dr. Esther Thomas

Dr. Kai Striebinger

"In for a penny, in for a pound? The domestic impact of African regional organizations on democratization processes" - 2015

Group Leader at Berlin Senate Department for Labour, social affairs, equality, integration, diversity and anti-discrimination

Kai Striebinger

Dr. Christine Hackenesch

"Race to the Bottom? European promotion of Good Governance in Africa and the role of China." - 2014

Researcher in the programme "Inter- and transnational cooperation" at German Institute of Development and Sustainability


Dr. Digdem Soyaltin

"Europeanisation, Norm Diffusion and Domestic Compliance in Turkey How Political Colour of Government Matter?" - 2014

Assistant Professor for Politics and Public Policy at University of Aberdeen

Digdem Soyaltin

Dr. Imke Pente

"Regionale Wirtschaftsintegration in Südostasien (ASEAN) unter Berücksichtigung des Einflusses von Policies der Europäischen Union (EU)" - 2014

Country Coordinator Malawi & South Africa at the KfW Development Bank

Imke Pente

Dr. Stefan Skupien

"Developmental Constitutionalism" - 2014

Scientific Coordinator for Open Science at Berlin University Alliance

Stefan Skupien

Dr. Alexander Kleibrink

"Territorial politics and decentralisation in the Balkans" - 2013

Senior Policy Officer at Federal Ministry for Education and Research


Dr. Torben Heinze

"A Tale of Many Stories - Explaining Policy Diffusion between European Higher Education Systems" - 2013

Administrative Director at Leibniz-Institut für Neurobiologie Magdeburg


Dr. Joo Hee Kim

"When East Asia meets Europe explaining the differential approaches of South Korea and Japan toward East Asian regionalism during 1998 - 2007" - 2013

Assistant Professor at Pukyong National University Department of Political Science and Diplomacy

Kim_Joo Hee

Prof. Dr. Tobias Hofmann

"Institutionally Constrained Convergence of Economic Policy and Growth in Regional Integration Agreements" - 2012

Visiting Professor at the Center for European Integration, Freie Universität Berlin


Dr. Esther Ademmer

"Third Rejoices: Russia, the EU, and Policy Transfer to the Post-Soviet Space" - 2013

Department Manager at Regional Direction Hessen, Federal Agency for Employment

Prof. Dr. Gözde Yilmaz

"From the Push by European Union Conditionality to the Pull by Dissatisfaction: Exploring Europeanization of Minority Rights in Turkey" - 2012

Professor for International Relations at Atilim Universität Ankara


Dr. Aron Buzogany

"Is there an “Eastern Syndrome”? Conditionality, Compliance and state-society relations in Central and Eastern Europe" - 2012

Assistant Professor at Institut für Wald-, Umwelt- und Ressourcenpolitik Wien


Dr. Hui-Yin Sung

"Power, Interest and Idea: An Interactive Structure-Agency Framework for the Study of EU Climate Politics" - 2011


Dr. Christian Grobe

"Bis die Hölle gefriert. Eine Studie über rational choice, sozialwissenschaftliche Laborexperimente und die Macht der Worte in internationalen Verhandlungen." - 2011

Co-Founder of Billie (fintech startup)


Dr. Pamela Luckau

"Matching deeds to words? The principle of conditionality in the EU´s contractual relations with the Western Balkans" - 2011

Professor für Communication and Leadership at SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University & Founder and Managing Director at Pamela Luckau Mentalkompass GmbH


Dr. Andres Pennycook Castro

"Chilenischer Hafen gegen bolivianisches Erdgas? Wirtschaftliche Interessen, soziale Konstruktionen und innerstaatliche Mobilisierung" - 2011

Professor for Public Law at Universidad Gabriela Mistral, Chile


Dr. Anna Kristin Müller-Debus

"Collective Action of Firms. Motivation, Facilitation, Social Engagement. A Comparative Analysis of Industry Behaviour in South Africa" - 2010

Director at European Climate Hub


Prof. Dr. Vera van Hüllen

"It Takes Two To Tango. The European Union and Democracy Promotion in the Mediterranean" - 2010

Managing Director at German Political Science Association (DVPW) & Adjunct Professor at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

VvH B2 small

Dr. Nicole Kranz

"What does it take? Engaging Business in Addressing the Water Challenge in South Africa" - 2010

Cluster Coordinator „Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management“ at GIZ


Prof. Dr. Jana Hönke

"Transnational Companies and Security Governance in the Context of Limited Statehood. A Comparison of Postcolonial African 'Enclaves of Extraction" - 2010

Professor for Sociology in Africa at Universität Bayreuth


Dr. Meike Dudziak

"Capacity, Social Capital and Compliance" - 2010

Director of usage controlling and strategic market research at Central and regional library Berlin


Prof. Dr. Sandra Eckert

"The Politics of Regulatory Reform in Europe: Delegation and Liberalisation in the Postal Sector" - 2009

Professor for Comparative Politics at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Dr. Osvaldo Saldias Collao

"Supranational Courts as Agents of Regional Integration. The European and the Andean Court of Justice in Comparison" - 2009

Director of the Department "Projects in the Framework of International Cooperation" at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees


Prof. Dr. Diana Panke

"Talking States into Compliance? Domestic Change in the Shadow of the European Court of Justice" - 2007

Professor for International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin


Dr. Carina Sprungk

"How policy-shaping might (not) affect policy-taking: national parliaments in the decision-making and the transposition of EC directives" - 2007

Head of Appointments & Tenure Track Programme at Executive Board of Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)