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Panel discussion "The mob of tomorrow: How is political journalism changing?"

panel discussion "The mob of tomorrow"

panel discussion "The mob of tomorrow"

News from Feb 07, 2024

Under the title "The mob of tomorrow: How is political journalism changing?", RBB director Ulrike Demmer, the head of the Deutschlandfunk Capital Studio and Studio Brussels, Stephan Detjen, the journalist and presenter Victoria Reichelt and the political scientist from the Free University of Berlin, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Faas, will discuss  the change of political journalism. The event will be moderated by Korbinian Frenzel from Deutschlandfunk Kultur, who is also a lecturer in the seminar "The Opinion Makers: Insights into Political Journalism" at the Otto Suhr Institute.

Not only politics are challenged in the face of crises and wars. Journalism is also coming under increasing criticism. Fundamental rejection ("Lügenpresse") is coupled with quieter skepticism: is journalism in Berlin too detachedfrom the people and too close to those in power? Is the "mob" following moods and surveys too uncritically? To what extent do the media also experience a loss of trust in times of crisis? What are the answers to this? In particular, what are the responses of publicly funded media  as the "public provider"?

What are the challenges facing political journalism - especially against the backdrop of increasing social polarization? To what extent is political journalism also "capital city journalism"? To what extent does it need to be more broadly anchored in the country? The discussion will focus on how "political formats" have already changed and how they should continue to change. With a student audience in particular, we also want to look at how the media usage of young people has changed and what response the media must find to this.
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Prof. Dr. Günter M. Ziegler, President of Freie Universität Berlin

The panel

Ulrike Demmer, Director General of RBB

Victoria Reichelt, journalist and moderator

Thorsten Faas, Professor of Political Science at the Otto Suhr Institute

Stephan Detjen, Head of the Deutschlandfunk Capital City Studio and Studio Brussels


Korbinian Frenzel, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, lecturer of the seminar

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