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Environmental populism: UBA-Factsheet by Dr. Albert Denk and Johanna Siebert

Factsheet Umweltbundesamt

Factsheet Umweltbundesamt

Dr. Albert Denk (FU Berlin) and Johanna Siebert (Das Progressive Zentrum) on the populist challenge for German environmental policy

News from May 17, 2024

A new factsheet co-authored by Dr. Albert Denk deals with the question of the extent to which German environmental policy is confronted with populist interventions and what characterizes them. The central findings of a scientific research analysis on environmental populism are summarized. First, the populist meta-narrative is analyzed on the basis of research literature using the characteristics of anti-elitism, anti-pluralism and pro-popular sovereignty. Seven populist narratives that delegitimize environmental policy are identified from the literature. The text concludes with key challenges and open questions for environmental policy.

Authors: Albert Denk and Johanna Siebert

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