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Course Program

Lectures that are obligatory for everyone in the program are taught in English. Furthermore, in every module at least one seminar will be taught in German and one in English. This bi-lingual arrangement is quite rare in Germany. The language that is used to describe the seminar in the course outline will be the language of instruction, too.

No, all lectures that are obligatory will be taught in English only. In every module there is at least one seminar in German and one seminar in English. Students with a good command of both languages of instruction can choose from all units available.

Yes, the entire Master's program can be studied in English. Students without English as their mother tongue need an English certificate. Please note, however, that only a reduced course offer is available in English.

A stay abroad is not compulsory for studies in the Masters program. However, you are still welcome to study abroad, e.g. through the ERASMUS program. Please note that a one-year study program at a foreign university can more easily be integrated into the Masters program due to its modular structure. Shorter periods, e.g. one semester, are more difficult to integrate, since each module is offered only once per academic year. You might have to wait until the following semester to complete your study in Berlin. Solutions to the latter problem are: a) you find a foreign university with similar unit offers and obtain the respective ECTS credits there, or b) you spend your final semester abroad. Although in this case you would have to postpone your last semester, you would not be obligated to attend additional units.

There are no final examinations. All examinations take place after the respective lectures or seminars. The following assessment methods are possible:

  • written examination of 60 minutes for lectures in the 1st and 2nd semester
  • written assignments of 3,000 words for seminars in the 1st and 2nd semester
  • a research report of 10,000 words for the research practicum in the 3rd semester
  • the master thesis in the final semester should consist of approximately 25,000 words (80 pages).

For an overview of the course program and examinations please consult Course structure and Modules.

Failed examinations can be repeated once without further consequences.