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Modules & Courses

In the initial two semesters, each seminar and lecture carries a weight of 10 ECTS credits. Moving on to the third semester, the Research Placement and the Specialisation areas contribute 15 ECTS credits each. The Final Colloquium is not assigned any ECTS credits, while the master's thesis holds a weight of 30 ECTS credits.

The suggested curriculum for first-semester students is to complete modules 1-3. For all these modules, you must choose 1 seminar and the lecture of that module. There is only one lecture offered per module, but several seminars that you can choose from. However, you cannot attend more than 1 seminar per module. So the 10 ECTS for each of these modules are completed by passing one seminar, the lecture, and the module examination:

 Title of module 1: European Integration and the Development of European Societies since 1945

Consists of 1 lecture + 1 seminar + written exam in the lecture

Title of module 2: Sociological Theories of Social Change and Integration

Consists of 1 lecture + 1 seminar + term paper in the seminar

Title of module 3: Methods of Comparative Research

Consists of 1 lecture + 1 seminar + written exam in the lecture

If you follow this suggested curriculum for first-semester students, you would attend 1 lecture + 1 seminar in all three above-mentioned modules, i.e. 6 courses in total during the first semester.

Typically, for every module, it is customary to enroll in both a lecture and an associated seminar, as elucidated in the example from the first semester mentioned earlier.

Typically, students must enroll in a lecture and only one associated seminar for each module.

At the commencement of the semester, there remains a possibility of additional vacancies emerging after the initial days of classes. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly monitor the campus management system for any updates. If, however, such vacancies do not materialize, an alternative approach would be to reach out to the seminar professor directly. In doing so, inquire whether they may consider accommodating you, particularly if you possess a specific need for the course, such as for research purposes, etc. However, bear in mind that it is not always possible to secure enrollment due to class size limitations.

According to the Study Regulations (that you find here), you do not get a certain number of ECTS for a single course, you only get the total amount of 10 ECTS for one completed module (for modules 7 and 8, you get 15 ECTS in total). In other words, there is no certain number of ECTS assigned to a single seminar/lecture, only for the whole module.

No, the program does not have a mandatory internship.

You can use these two forms to register for courses that you cannot enroll in via Campus Management or to unregister from courses after the second registration period has ended.
Please email the forms as PDF/scan to the Study Office: Studienbuero@PolSoz.FU-Berlin.de 

Form for REGISTRATION of modules and courses
Form for UN-REGISTRATION of modules and courses (find video instructions here)

To manually add your graded or ungraded courses to Campus Management, visit the provided link.

You can use the forms provided by this link to request your graded or ungraded courses to be added to your transcript of records.

Yes, students are free to attend the lecture of a module in one semester and the seminar in the following year. They are not obligated to complete both the seminar and lecture components of a module within the same semester.

Yes, it is possible. For example, a student may choose to complete one seminar of Module 8 in the summer semester and the second one in the winter semester. This flexibility allows students to manage their course load according to their schedules.