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Research Area „Gender, Body, Sexualities”

This research area provides a platform for the debate and ethnographic study of gender, the human body and sexualities in the field of Social and Cultural Anthropology. It is anchored in feminist and queer anthropological approaches that engage in an analysis of the cultural and place-specific dynamics of gender, body and sexuality. The research area seeks to strengthen an ethnographic approach within transdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Studies on the one hand, and critical approaches to gender and sexualities within (German-speaking) Social and Cultural Anthropology on the other.

We are particularly interested in debates on the material formation of gendered bodies and norms as well as the sensual and affective underpinnings of gendered and sexual subjectivities. Our approach of thinking-with bodily matter draws on new materialist scholarship and is grounded in the idea of the malleabilty and relationality of the human body. [read more]

Female shop window busts for display on a street in Istanbul (Claudia Liebelt, 2014)