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Recently published: "'We Are Only Helping!' Volunteering and Social Media in Germany’s New 'Welcome Culture'" (Beitrag auf Medizinethnologie-Blog)

Collection point at the Johanniter’s, Rosdorf

Collection point at the Johanniter’s, Rosdorf
Bildquelle: Astrid Bochow

Astrid Bochow

News vom 14.11.2015

„What is new about the current refugee crisis in Germany?“ asked Janina Kehr in this blog (www.medizinethnologie.net) on 19 October. Is it not just one of the many recurring examples of the „permanent states of emergency“ that represent existing and long-established social and political injustices as exceptional moments in a „crisis“ or a „catastrophe“ (Agamben 2005, Calhoun 2010)? For me, the new thing about this particular emergency is that it is the first one that I have witnessed first-hand, as it is happening in my neighbourhood... [mehr]

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SFB 1171 Affective Societies
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