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Launch & Screening Event "Images of Each other", 24th March 2022

"Images of Each Other Screening Cover"

"Images of Each Other Screening Cover"

News vom 15.03.2022

Launch & Screening Event

Images of Each other

March 24 from 2-3.30 pm German time 

We hereby cordially invite you to our AREACORE screening event, where we will screen movies made in the framework of our international Winterschool in winter 2021/22. 

We are hosting this event online, so please don’t hesitate to join, watch the students’ work and discuss with us. With the topic “Images of each other” we tackled the problem of stereotypes in media coverage and intercultural communication and took a closer look on image production in different cultural and political settings. The movies are a result of a creative learning process, engaging with each other’s perspectives.


2pm Welcome

Dr. Anna Antonakis 

Film 1: Gender Across Borders (10:34min)

by Ahmed Chikhi, Fabienne Fleischer, Julia Nathansohn, Karla Belser, Rasha Manasra &, Sherif Rashwan

Film 2: The Public Image of Migration in Germany (14:24min)

By Nour Abdallah, Paula Germershausen, Hatem Manea & Jannes Holland-Jobb

Film 3: Images of Explosions (10:03 min)

By Jana El Amin, Essam Ahmed, Malisha Baiers 

Film 4: Migration in Tunisia (8:07min)

By Nour Abdallah, Paula Germershausen, Hatem Manea & Jannes Holland-Jobb 

Film 5: Seeing the Unseen: How Framing Influences Perceptions of Palestine (10:21min)

By Christina Cavalcanti, Nilofar Eschborn, Antonia Gottschick, Lourde Hadid, Yumna Hamidi, Taha Yassen Jasim, & Mohammad Abdallah Khamis

3.30 pm wrap up and end of official part

Prof. Carola Richter

3.45-4.30pm Session for internal evaluation for film makers and supervisors only

Meeting link: https://fu-berlin.webex.com/fu-berlin-en/j.php?MTID=m9ed6f032c38e99a1e8e5f3253b5aca9a

Meeting number: 2730 344 3886

Password: 6rtSpVd6pT8

The AREACORE-Winterschool and the film making have been kindly supported by the DAAD.

If you are interested in other movies that have been produced throughout the years, please visit our website and find an interesting selection of productions on media and global entanglements with a focus on European and Arabic speaking countries.