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"Gender Across Borders"- a student film production in the course of AREACORE's Winterschool 2021

"Gender Across Borders"

"Gender Across Borders"

News vom 29.03.2022

Students from all around the Arabic speaking  world and Germany developed in collaboration and in the framework of AREACORE's Winterschool 2021 a series of short movies under the main topic of "Images of each other". With this topic, they tackled the problem of stereotypes in media coverage and intercultural communication and took a closer look on image production in different cultural and political settings. The movies are a result of a creative learning process, engaging with each other’s perspectives.

Gender Across Borders

A film by Ahmed Chikhi, Fabienne Fleischer, Julia Nathansohn, Karla Belser, Rasha Manasra, Sherif Rashwan

Gender and migration – in the media, these do not necessarily sound like two topics that have anything to do with each other. But in fact, they are very closely connected. In large parts of the world, the representation of migrants in the media is characterized by stereotyping and segregation. The topic is dominated by the reporting on men on the run. But what about female migrants? Are they talked about in the media?

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