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From 2020-2022, we will focus on strengthening research and practice in Media and Information Literacy in Europe and the Arab World. Media and digital literacy not only trains individuals to think critically about media messages, analyze propaganda and protect themselves from misleading communication, it also empowers citizens to use digital media tools to express their convictions and opinions and respond to those who have hijacked their beliefs and targeted their communities. The integrative nature of media and digital literacy education makes it flexible to tackle complex issues, such as sectarianism, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and populism.

The COVID-19 pandemic 2020 has accentuated global inequalities in access to resources structuring research globally. The consequences for the production and exchange of knowledge, also regarding gender are yet to be seen.


„In order to produce informed and valid knowledge without imposing specific theories and methods, joint cross-cultural research should be conducted on an equal footing between researchers.” - Jassim M. Jaber & Carola Richter (2014), p. 2.

The Arab-European Association for Media and Communication Researchers (AREACORE) was founded on July 6, 2013 at the end of a workshop hosted by Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with DAAD Germany. The partners have formed AREACORE to establish a broad network of scholars on both sides of the Mediterranean. The core members of the project function as national coordinators. The association’s goal is to strengthen and expand horizons among Arab and European scholars in the field of communication. In particular, it strives to facilitate communication research across Arab countries and between Arab and European scholars. Therefore, AREACORE organizes conferences and research-related activities and participates in the dissemination of research and studies, exchanging experience and training.

For more information on the Arab-European Association for Media and Communication Researchers (AREACORE), please visit: http://www.areacore.org/

eLearning Platform IMS

We set up an eLearning platform where you can watch shorter and longer movies on general and recent aspects of media systems in the Arab world and beyond. There is additional material provided such as scripts in Arabic and English and literature references. The movies you can find there are the result of collaborative student’s projects supervised by professors from the ARECORE Network or have been realized in the framework of AREACORE’s projects.

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Beirut: FU students participate in Media and Digital Literacy Academy in Beirut - June 2019

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Beirut: Summer School "Media and Digital Literacy Academy" - August 2018

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Other projects in the network

The project has been preceded by two other workshops:

  • Workshop on Getting to know the German media system, December, 8-15, 2013 in Berlin/Germany. The workshop was conceptualized for Tunisian students of the Master program in "Political Communication" at the Université La Manouba in Tunis to compare aspects of media policy, media regulation and journalism development in Germany with the experiences from Tunisia. Ten students visited Berlin. The workshop was co-organized with the University of Munich and funded by the DAAD.