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12. November, 18:00 Uhr | Online Diskussion: Industrial Labor, Inequality and Mobilty

News vom 08.11.2021

Am 12. November richtet André Weißenfelß in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Merian Centre For Advances Studies In The Maghreb eine Online Diskussion zu Arbeit, Ungerechtigkeit und Mobilität aus. Die Veranstaltung findet von 18:00 - 19:30 (CEST) statt: https://fu-berlin.webex.com/meet/a.weissenfels Untenstehend finden Sie auch den Flyer zum Download.

Throughout its history, industry and industrial labor have played various roles in different societies all over the world. They have been and continue to be implicated in the production of value, in political constellations and in individual live making projects. In this explorative workshop we try to approach the question which patterns of mobility (spatially and socially) correspond to those different functions of industry and industrial labor. How
do people, materials, money, and ideas move in the context of the factory? Which movements are facilitated and which are blocked? What moves industrial labor?

Görkem Akgöz: re:work – Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History
Christian Strümpell: Hamburg University
Mohamed Slim Ben Youssef: Institut de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain (IRMC)
Goran Musić: University of Vienna
André Weißenfels: Freie Universität Berlin

Link to the event:

If you have any questions or problems to join the meeting, feel free to contactAndré Weißenfels ata.weissenfels@fu-berlin.de

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