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Blogbeitrag von André Weißenfels: "Middle Class Factory: The (Partial) Privilege of Industrial Labor in Tunisia"

News vom 19.05.2021

Der Blogbeitrag "Middle Class Factory: The (Partial) Privilege of Industrial Labor in Tunisia" von André Weißenfels bei TRAFO - Blog for Transregional Research ist unter diesem Link online verfügbar:



In the south of Tunis, around 450 Tunisians work at an offshore French electronics factory. Even though the majority of them work on the shop floor and have what is traditionally called “working class” jobs, they consider themselves to be middle class. This article argues that their feeling of being middle class is based on their socio-economic “middle” position inside Tunisian society and inside global production chains. It further shows that this “middle” position is the result of the relative privilege that organized industrial labor has enjoyed in Tunisia’s postcolonial development project. Finally, the article calls for a careful examination of the economic, social and political position of industrial workers in postcolonial countries, with a particular eye toward their respective development projects.

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