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Miscellaneous questions

General information regarding your stay in Berlin can be found on the Website of the general Erasmus office of Freie Universität Berlin: http://www.fu-berlin.de/studium/international/studium_fu/auslandssemester/erasmus_in/infos_incomingstudents/index.html

The Learning Agreement is a contract (study contract) between an exchange student, the sending university and the receiving university.

The receiving university's coordinator agrees (preliminarily) to the student's choice of courses prior to her or his arrival in Berlin on the Learning Agreement, ensuring their availability for attendance. Then, the sending university confirms that this study programme is in line with the requirements of their own study programs and that courses can be successfully integrated into the student's studies.

The Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin allows ERASMUS-students to choose the courses they want. There are no mandatory courses and no minimum number of ECTS-credits that need to be achieved. Exchange students can decide for themselves how many and which courses they wish to take.

Important: The graduation requirements of the sending university have top priority. Please check with your ERASMUS-coordinator before you leave for Berlin what terms and conditions apply! You are solely responsible for meeting your home university's requirements!

A first draft of the Learning Agreement for the winter semester has to be forwarded to the ERASMUS bureau of the Otto-Suhr-Institute or to the Freie Universität Berlin's central ERASMUS bureau in June. Students planning to come in for the summer semester, have to send their learning agreement in December...


In order to get your Learning Agreement signed, please bring the completed and printed form to our office during our office hours. Alternatively, you can email us the Learning Agreement as a pdf file.

We understand that our course catalogue is being updated after you are supposed to hand in your first Learning Agreement. However, similar courses are offered in the winter and summer terms. In your first course choice, please refer to the current course catalogue. You can make changes at a later point in the Learning Agreement titled "During the Mobility".

We kindly ask you to fill out the contact details prior to asking for our signature. Please note that we only accept fully completed forms. The table below may help you fill out the contact details correctly:

The Receiving Institution

Name       Freie Universität Berlin                 Faculty            Social and Political Science                
Erasmus code D BERLIN 01 Department Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science (313)

Ihnstr. 21, R 116
14195 Berlin

Country, Country code Germany
Contact person

Angelo Camufingo

Contact person
email/ phone

+49 30 838 55055

Blackboard is an online teaching and learning platform that many of our course instructors use for their seminars or lectures. When you "enroll" in a class on Blackboard, you gain access to important course content uploaded by the course instructor. This usually includes readings, the syllabus, announcements, etc. You mostly will need a password to access this information. This password will be provided by the course instructor in class.

Please note that "enrolling" in a class on Blackboard does not mean you are officially enrolled for this class. For that purpose, and since you are not supposed to use Campus Management, you need to personally get in touch with the respective course instructor at the beginning and at the end of the semester.

Yes, it is possible to complete an internship. Please contact the Career Service for detailed information.

Here you can find information on the proceedings: https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/international/network/erasmus/smp-incoming.html

Important: We do not grant ECTS for internships! Internships may only be graded and credited by the home university.

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