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Transcript of Records

Your Transcript of Records (ToR) is issued at the end of your studies at the FU Berlin, once you have collected all of your grades and certificates ("Scheine"), and only upon your request. Transcripts are not produced automatically!

Please forward your "Scheine" or the PDF overview of your Campus Managament to us, either via email (PDF scans only, we do not accept photographies!), via post, or in person. We do not have access to Campus Management.

After signing in on Campus Management, click “Kategorie Noten und Punkte“, “Übersicht Icon“ and pick the third option “Leistungsübersicht über begonnene und abgeschlossene Modulleistungen“. Click “ok“ and send it to us. We do not accept screenshots.

If you have left Berlin already and are still waiting for "Scheine", you can ask your respective lecturers to forward your grades to us directly. Additionally, in order to officially request your ToR, you will need to fill in a form (click here) and send it to us together with your "Scheine". Once we have received all of these documents, we will be able to issue your ToR. Please note that this may take up to four weeks until you or your home institution receive your ToR. Therefore, please make sure to start the process early, should your home university require you to send the ToR soon. Should you already have lost your Campus Management access, please contact fbv-erasmus@polsoz.fu-berlin.de to receive a copy of your overview.



No, we cannot give you credits for internships completed during your stay in Berlin. You will have to ask for credits at your home university.

While your home university might accept thesis work, research, self study or the like, the FU does not grant ECTS for this type of work. It will not be included in your transcript of records nor will we confirm or sign it, should it be listed in Table A, A2, C or F of a Learning Agreement or in any other form. Your home institutions can individually decide they they still accept this work on their part.

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