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First Steps after Entering the Service

On the first day at FU according with your contract, you need to report start of service by email, telephone or in person to the secretary's office:

Sekretariat I: Ivonne Gutierrez
Landoltweg 9-11, Room 011
Email: sozkultanth@polsoz.fu-berlin.de
Tel. 030 838 56505


Sekretariat II
Thielallee 52, Room 005
Email: anthro@polsoz.fu-berlin.de
Tel. 030 838 50038

Please inform them that you have started your service. The secretary's office will send a so-called "Dienstantrittsbescheinigung" to your responsible personnel office. This confirmation contains in CC also the notification for the superior professor, the sekr. II and the personnel department in the FB PolSoz, as well as the IT office PolSoz.

Given the case that the secretary's offices are not staffed, the notice on entering of service can also be issued and sent by the superior professor.

The next steps you need to take are:

  • getting up your personal FU employee email account.
  • programming the telephone set at your workplace with your personal FU employee telephone number
  • obtaining your electronic key ("transponder") from the FB PolSoz key department.

These steps are all explained in detail under the other FAQ items here.

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