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How do I submit a request for leave?

All new employees are not allowed to take vacation three-months from the beginning of their contract.

You should also check with the personnel administrators in the PolSoz department or in the human resources department how much regular leave you are granted per year.

  • The current calendar year's leave request form can be downloaded from the FB PolSoz administration website:
    There are different forms for employees and for student assistants.
    The same form is always valid for one calendar year. It circulates back and forth throughout the year between the person requesting leave, their supervisor, and the leave PolSoz department for leave processing.

  • After making the entries in the header of the form and requesting your leave from.... to... you have to generate your electronic signature in the field "Signature of applicant". To do so, simply click on the orange arrow, then a menu will automatically appear where you can follow the instructions for creating the signature.
    Please note: Once you have created your electronic signature, you can use it again for other forms too!
  • The filled out form with the signature is then saved and sent to the supervising professor. The professor has to fill in his / her signature in the column "Approved by" and will send it back to the applicant.
  • The applicant sends the completed form signed by the supervisor to the FB PolSoz to Ms. Jargstorf, email: Urlaub-AU@polsoz.fu-berlin.de . The Secretariat I must always be put in cc, email: sozkultanth@polsoz.fu-berlin.de , because the leave applications are collected there for overview as well. 
  • PolSoz also signs the form and sends it back to the applicant.
    The applicant has to save and use the form again the next time he/she requests for leave.


Please inform yourself about current regulations regarding company annual closure on the website of the Human Resources Department.

Information about last year change 2022/2023:


In case you are unsure or have any problems, you may contact:
- Secretariat I of the IfSKA, email: sozkultanth@polsoz.fu-berlin.de
- Leave department at FB PolSoz, email: Urlaub-AU@polsoz.fu-berlin.de

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